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Beauty and fashion for plus sized

Beauty and fashion for plus sized

No matter how tall or short, skinny or plus sized you are – you still have a good chance to look incredibly stylish and beautiful and turn some heads if you know few tips. It is all about knowing what type of clothing you should wear, the colors you should select and the type of accessories you should pick. If you are a plus-sized woman, you must have heard the famous saying “black covering up fat”; the respective saying is not necessarily true however.

If you prefer to wear dark colors and you actually look good in them, you can stick to it. Apart from that, you may consider wearing jackets and pants of same color and hue; sectioning off the areas of the body will emphasize size. When you use colors and patterns for your outfit, make sure that you think of vertical ones; not the horizontal patterns. For instance, boldly looking buttons down the jacket or shirt may create such vertical pattern.

 Apart from that, wearing longer necklaces and shirts with vertical stripes may do the trick. It is all about being smart and creative. The key is to wear a color you feel good for you and improve your self confidence.

You should stay away from the colors you don’t like. On the other hand, if you want to go for a color, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear it in a very ‘loud’ manner to look good; mixing it up in the form of neck ties, scarf etc.

 is the wisest decision. A large number of plus sized women necessary don’t wear the right sizes. If you are 19, don’t try an outfit of a 16 year old. Such approach may highlight the areas you actually need to hide.

For instance, if you don’t like the shape of your butt (if it is too big), and you still prefer to wear a very tight pair of jeans, your butt is going to appear even larger. So, you should have a good common sense to avoid such misfits. The case is the same with shirts and other clothing.

 When you select a dress, if you are not confident about the size of it, just get the assistance of the sales person; they have enough amounts of experience to suggest what will match your body shape. If possible, try to take a friend along with you; it will be a good solution if you don’t want to ask from a sales person.

In fact, most friends will throw their honest (and harsh) comments about the way you appear. So, don’t be afraid to take the one that gives out most honest comments (no matter how hard it is for you). 

Tiny necklaces and ear rings will not be the best match for you. Instead, try to wear chunky, long accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. 

After all, you should consider about your self confidence when doing fashion and beauty. If a particular fashion makes you feel lack of confidence, stay away from it at all costs!

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